Arcadia Judo Instructors

Sensei Daniel Hu

Black Belt

Sensei Daniel Hu is a second-degree black belt and former president of West Covina Judo Dojo (2011-13). He is currently an assistant USJA certified coach at the San Gabriel Judo Dojo. Sensei Daniel has refined his judo skills over the last decade by making an annual pilgrimage to the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan (the mecca of judo). Most recently in the summer of 2017, he was chosen as the prestigious representative attendee to receive his 4th certificate of the grueling Kodokan Summer Course. His favorite judo throws are Osotogari and Taiotoshi.

Coach Timothy Hu

Brown Belt

Coach Timothy Hu has been competing and winning in local judo competitions since 2009. He has been a volunteer assistant helping teach Judo at San Gabriel Judo Dojo and is in line to receive his 1st-degree (Shodan) blackbelt later this year. Timothy along with his father Daniel visit the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan annually. His favorite judo throws are Ogoshi, Uchimata, and Taniotoshi.